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Hey, I started a blog!

Hello folks, and welcome to the beginnings of my shiny new website and blog. I thought it was probably time nearly a year and a half after my opening day! But hey-ho, my working mum life and slightly ADHD brain got in the way…I am the Queen of Procrastination!

I was never really happy with my previous effort, the theme was not very pretty and the WordPress builder was oh-so-clunky (eye roll). So a slightly scary complete wipe and reinstall, and here we are again. I’m determined to do better this time round, I have lots of interesting planty stuff to share and my customers know I love to chat. Of course the main aim of all this malarky is FINALLY get my online shop open!

I hope to share lots of tales of my exploits at the shop, sometimes quite random things can occur, so I look forward to sharing them with you dear readers! I made a recent video along these very lines recently for an Instagram challenge I took part in. This day was a particularly eventful one!

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