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Whoop-whoop, we’re on the road!

I’m so thrilled and excited to announce that I have booked onto two fabulous local events in June.

I completely failed to do any events last year as I was still getting the business off the ground, it would have been a bit overwhelming for little old me. But I am so up for it this year!

I’ve bought a gazebo (ooooo, fancy!), and made a long list of bits and bobs to take with me – note to self – must put chairs on the list. I’ve used a local firm ( to print me a proper grown-up banner for my table, and am even getting some t-shirts made up, almost professional!

I can’t wait to take my happy work bubble out on the road, and such brilliant events to start with too! I’m really looking forward to getting my stand all set up and looking beautiful.

Roll on Sundays 2nd and 9th of June, can’t wait to see you there!

Any tips and advice from seasoned show-goers would be very welcome!

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